4 Unique Specials in Bangkok, Thailand 2019

Dates: September 16, 2019

4 unique special workshops designed for the needs of poultry practitioners worldwide

Language: English  |  Location: Bangkok – exact location coming soon

Seminar 1: How to reduce antibiotics and keep performance up – a veterinary perspective

Morning session

  1. Introduction: Drivers of antimicrobial usage in poultry farms
  2. Controlling antimicrobial resistance: from sample to the choice of treatment
  3. The role of farm management: biosecurity
  4. A holistic approach to gut health


  • Common pitfalls in controlling gut health
  • Vaccine management
  • How to develop an AB-reduction program
  • Q&A

Seminar 2: Steering Broiler management: Latest tools & how E-learning can help your organisation

Morning session

  1. Broiler signals concept: Why it is important for farmers to see the signals?
  2. Broiler environment: temperature, ventilation, water and litter
  3. Preparing for the new cycle and getting off to a good start(week 1)
  4. The basis for good and steady growth (week 2)


  • Cornerstones in Week 3 and 4: gut health and respiratory issues
  • Leg quality and pitfalls in the final run (week 5 and 6)
  • The use of novel smart farming concepts, dangers and advantages
  • Q&A

Seminar 3: Breeder management in 2019: Where is the low hanging fruit?

Morning session

  1. Introduction: Get your feathers straight
  2. Breeder anatomy, physiology, behavior
  3. Brooding: How to prepare for the next flock?
  4. Managing transitions


  • Using data to manage flocks: What to measure?
  • Male management: rearing
  • Common pitfalls in breeders
  • Q&A

Seminar 4: Welfare: the pillar for a sustainable production

Morning session

  1. Introduction: What is animal welfare in poultry?
  2. Welfare at the hatchery
  3. Welfare at the farm
  4. Welfare during catching and transport


  • Welfare at the slaughterhouse
  • Welfare requirements and role of different part-takers
  • How to measure welfare? Key welfare indicators
  • How can good welfare practices boost your performance?

Training fee: 1-day workshop

Euro: 498,00

Thai Baht: 17.200,00

Attendees are welcome to book their accommodation (Deluxe Room) through us with our group-rate until 2 weeks before the event.

Pricing is VAT excluded
(i.e. Belgian attendees pay 21% VAT, non-Belgians: 0% VAT).

Payment Details

For more information, contact:

Tiago, Prucha, DVM
+351 917443901