Respiratory Training in Bruges, Belgium 2018

Respiratory Training in Bruges, Belgium

Date: 17 – 19 April, 2018

Scope of the seminar: The respiratory training will focus on pathology, practical aspects of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases.

Language: English | Location: Novotel Brugge Centrum, Belgium.

Day 1

Morning session:

  1. Welcome and introduction on respiratory issues in poultry
  2. Review of the avian respiratory anatomy, immunity and physiology
  3. Management factors influencing respiratory health

Afternoon session:

  1. Overview of the diagnostic tools
  2. Mycoplasmosis (MG/MS) and CRD complex: diagnostics, monitoring, prevention, treatments

Day 2

Morning session:

  1. IB: pathology, diagnostics, monitoring, and prevention
  2. Avian influenza and Newcastle disease
  3. TRT, ILT and Fowl pox: pathology, diagnostics, monitoring, and prevention
  4. Aspergillosis and respiratory parasites in poultry practice

Afternoon session:

  1. Colibacillosis
  2. ORT in  poultry practice
  3. Other bacterial respiratory pathogens (Infectious Coryza, Pasteurellosis and Gallibacterium anatis,… )

Day 3

Morning session:

  1. Vaccination in broiler, layers and breeders: programs, monitoring, guidelines for vaccination and how to identify mistakes of vaccination teams
  2. Workshop: case reports

Afternoon session:

  1. Practical session on samplings techniques
  2. Practical bacteriology: demonstration of techniques
  3. Necropsies with demonstration of the respiratory lesions

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Note: This training qualifies for accredited training points (granted by the Flemish Veterinary Board).

Pricing of 3-Days Training

Seminar only: € 1400

Hotel + Dinner: € 150 (per night)

Pricing is VAT excluded
(i.e. Belgian attendees pay 21% VAT, non-Belgians: 0% VAT).

Payment Details

We can arrange your hotel up to two weeks before the training. Afterwards, you have to make your own reservation

For more information, contact:

Hilde Van Meirhaeghe, DVM
+32 476 214 371
Skype: hvmvetworks