Poultry Nutrition Training

Poultry Nutrition Training in Bruges, Belgium

29 November – 1 December 2016

Scope of the seminar

  • Understanding feed formulation and specific nutritional needs in poultry
  • How to use the software
  • Focus on evaluation of additives to enhance health and performance in experimental and field conditions

Language: English  |  Location/hotel: Novotel Brugge Centrum, Belgium


Tuesday, 29.11.16


  1. Welcome and introduction – Intestinal health in poultry: focus on nutrition
  2. Intestinal tract in poultry: form, function, flora
  3. Nutrition Basics: carbohydrates, protein, fat
  4. Making feed: structure, particle size, pellet versus mash


  1. Intestinal problems, BE / NE and contributing factors
  2. Markers for gut health and disease
  3. Raw material procurement and how to analyse quality

Wednesday, 30.11.2016


  1. Feed additives: essentials (vitamins, Minerals, amino acids)
  2. Other feed additives: pre- & probiotics, organic acids, essential oils, … .
  3. Enzyme utilisation, phytases, carbohydrates and proteases


  1. How to formulate diets in nutrition software – practical (on-hand) experience in formulating diets
  2. Cases: How to adapt formula (wet litter, fatty liver, … )

Thursday, 31.11.2016


  1. Key concepts of clinical poultry trials
  2. How to evaluate study trials
  3. Cost calculation of additives in feed formulation


Visit experimental farm / laboratory


Prof. Filip Van Immerseel


Professor Filip Van Immerseel will discuss the latest scientific information on ‘biomarkers in gut health and disease in the poultry species’. A topic or great interest but surrounded by a lot of mystery.

Filip Van Immerseel received a Master in Bio-engineering Sciences at the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL) in 1999, and a Master in Laboratory Animal Sciences at Ghent University in 2004.
He received a PhD in Veterinary Medical Sciences at Ghent University in 2004, studying intestinal immune cell infiltration after Salmonella infection of chickens, and environmental triggers in the gut that influence Salmonella invasion.
After a post-doc period, he was appointed as Research Professor by Ghent University in 2008.
Currently he is Professor at the Department of Pathology, Bacteriology and Avian Diseases of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Ghent University in Belgium and is head of a research group that studies host-bacterium interactions.

Dr. Santiago Ramirez – FCR consultants


Dr. Santiago is a livestock nutritionist, specialising in layers, broilers and some swine. Santiago services large laying hen and broiler integrators in Australia and also consults to various global feed additive firms. Santiago’s work extends to Asia Pacific and Latin America regions offering technical troubleshooting services to a variety of feed mills and integrated operations.

When it comes to feeding Livestock, Santiago is interested in good husbandry practices and in maximising nutrient absorption at gut level. Santiago loves applying novel feeding strategies to improve immunity and feed efficiency. He is very passionate about the use of by-products and enhancing their value through the right application of enzymes, inclusion levels and manufacturing practices.

Santiago believes that a holistic approach to modern day farming is paramount for the sustainability and prosperity of the industry.

Santiago holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science and Nutrition, a Masters in Molecular Biology and a PhD in Molecular Microbiology

Maarten De Gussem, DVM

Maarten3Maarten is born in 1975 and graduated as veterinarian from Ghent University, Belgium in 2000. After working as poultry veterinarian in a major poultry practice dealing with layers, breeders, broilers, turkeys and hatcheries in Belgium, he joined Janssen Animal Health in 2001 as Global Technical Manager for Poultry Products (Clinafarm, Clinacox, Flubenol, Solubenol,…).

After 4 years, he was hired by Alpharma Animal Health as Technical and Business Development Manager for the poultry portfolio, including ionophore and chemical anticoccidials, growth promotors, alternative growth promotors and therapeutic antibiotics for poultry and rabbits.

Since 2009, Maarten is working as Poultry Consultant for Vetworks, covering all continents.

Hilde Van Meirhaeghe, DVM

Born in Ghent Belgium 1958, graduated in 1982 Doctor in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Ghent, Belgium.

Worked in several European and African Countries as a Veterinarian.

Since 1998 working mainly with layers and guinea fowl: breeding, meat production and veterinary responsibility for the hatchery at Derco International.

Joined DGZ-Flanders (Animal Health Services- Flanders) in 2007 as Program Officer for Poultry Health in Flanders. Involved in study projects on hygiene, food safety and health issues. Involved in research with layers in alternative housing systems in partnership with the Faculty of Veterinary Medecine in Ghent and other specialised institutes.

Currently Hilde is working as Poultry Consultant for Vetworks, a team of poultry veterinarians giving technical support to the pharmaceutical and poultry industry in poultry health worldwide.

Academic adviser Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – University of Ghent, Department of Virology, Parasitology and Immunology.

Anna Schwarz, DVM, PhD


Born in Sankt-Petersburg, Russia 1973, graduated in 2007 Doctor in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Hannover, Germany.

From 2007 to 2011 worked as Academic Assistant in Institute for Physiology, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Germany. At this period she has completed her PhD studies with a research topic: The influence of non-starch-polysaccharides on experimental infections with Ascaridia galli and Heterakis gallinarum in layer chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus). The main research area of interest was investigation of local and systemic immune responses and electro-physiological intestinal epithelial functions in chickens following nematode infection.

Since 2011 till now Anna is working as a Poultry Consultant for Vetworks, giving technical support as a specialist for Gut Health to the pharmaceutical and poultry industry.

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